Solutions for Web Presence


Numerous solutions are available for having a Web presence inside SJSU.EDU


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Related Policies and Guidelines

  • Presidential Directives, SJSU and CSU policies
  • Illegal access or misuse of website maybe punishable by fine, dismissal from the university and/or imprisonment
  • When found in violation, a website can be taken down at any time and appropriate action taken
  • The administrative unit sponsoring a website is fully responsible for the content, usability and accessibility of that website
  • No server-side scripting (PHP, JSP, etc.) is provided
  • All administrative sites must meet Section 508 requirements
  • Site launch will follow the website rollout process
  • All content inside the website is public
  • SJSU Editorial Style Guide

1Refer to presidential directive PD 2011-01 for campus unit definition.