What is WebEx?

The Next Gen Technology Project is proud to announce the availability of the SJSU WebEx service for all faculty and staff. The WebEx service is a cloud-based hosted product, part of Cisco Collaboration Technology.

SJSU WebEx can be used to host online meetings and interactive sessions with individuals inside and outside of San José State. The Meetings service within SJSU WebEx can be used to enhance academic class activity including lecture capture for later review and interaction with remote students and/or guest lecturers. A wealth of support materials is available from WebEx on how to use the service through Help on the WebEx site. Additional tailored instructional materials to provide guidance on academic use will be available soon.


Faculty can use SJSU WebEx to record/capture class lectures and facilitate student discussions for distance education.


Students can use SJSU WebEx to watch and attend class lectures, communicate with the instructor and collaborate with other students in the class.


Staff can use to SJSU WebEx to share documents, hold online meetings, and collabrate on team projects.

How does it work?

WebEx software is delivered over the web as you need it. The first time you attend a meeting, WebEx will automatically download for you. See your system administrator if you need download assistance.

You can use WebEx from any computer with an internet connection, and from most smartphones and tablets. You can schedule a WebEx lecture or meeting ahead of time, or start one spontaneously as needed.

If you use WebEx to invite someone to a lecture or meeting, they will receive an email that allows them to attend. Attendees don't have to have a WebEx account. Your invitation includes a link they can click to join you online and a short 4-character password needed to access the meeting.

During your meeting, you can video conference, lecture, share content or just have a discussion.