Student Organization Websites

The Web Services Unit provides space inside for registered student organizations. Student organizations will upload content to their sites via OU Campus and are welcome to use any tool of their choice to build their content. Student organization websites are not official websites and San José State University assumes no responsibility for the content. Student organizations having a web presence inside will follow the policies and guidelines listed below.

Policies and Guidelines

  • Presidential Directives, SJSU IT Policies and Standards and CSU policies
  • Illegal access or misuse of website may be punishable by fine, dismissal from the university and/or imprisonment
  • A website can be taken down at anytime when found in violation and appropriate action taken
  • Student Involvement’s Student Organizations, Activities, and Leadership team ( will sponsor and approve the student organization website and is fully responsible for the student organization website
  • Student Involvement’s Student Organizations, Activities, and Leadership team will respond in a timely manner when contacted by the University staff
  • No server-side scripts will be allowed to be executed inside
  • Space is limited to 10MB
  • The student organization website will be updated at least once per semester (excluding summer)
  • The following disclaimer must be added to the student organization website:
    The views, opinions, and conclusions expressed in this page are those of the author or organization and not necessarily those of SJSU officers and trustees. The content of this page has not been reviewed or approved by SJSU University and the author or organization is solely responsible for its content.


Complete the Student Organization Web Space Application to request a new student organization website or request user access changes to an existing student organization website.

Need Technical Assistance?

Open an iSupport ticket with detailed information.