Adobe Software Program


San José State provides currently enrolled students in eligible classes, faculty, staff and administrators with free Adobe software for their campus computers and their home computers. The software may only be used for education-related activities and may not be used for commercial purposes. You must have an active SJSUOne ID and password to qualify for ordering and downloading this software.

Student Downloads:  This software may only be downloaded during the current semester at San José State. For example, if you are registered in a Fall 2015 course, the software is currently available, however if you are only registered in a Spring 2016 course, the software will not be available until after the beginning of the Spring semester.

For details about the Adobe Creative Cloud software package, visit Adobe Creative Cloud.

Download Instructions

SSO Login to Download Adobe Software

  1. Click the Adobe Download button (above).
  2. Click the Start Shopping hyperlink on the bottom left side of the page.
  3. Enter your ID and password—the same ID and password you use to access the campus wireless network. Note: You will only be able to see available software after you sign in.
  4. Select the product you want, and then click Add to Cart.
  5. Click Check Out and you will be provided with an installation license key.
  6. Start the download.
    Notes: You will first be required to download Secure Download Manager (SDM), then you can download the Adobe software. The download can take many hours from home, so plan ahead.

Backup Options

  1. Personal Back-up Copy:  Back-up the software on a DVD or external hard drive and write down your product key code. Keep your license key code in a safe place and use it if you ever need to re-install the software.
  2. Extended Access Guarantee:  For $4.95, the vendor will remember your license key for you, allowing you to access this information at any time under the Your Account section of the eAcademy Store.

Help & Support

Difficulty Downloading?

If you encounter problems downloading or installing Adobe software from the SJSU eAcademy Store, you can obtain assistance from, 1-888-396-1447.

Online Self Service Training

SJSU End User License Agreement

By accepting this software,

  1. I may only install this product on a computer that I own and on which I am the exclusive or primary user. I may not give, loan, rent or sell the product or my assigned serial number to anyone.
  2. I may only use this software: (a) for my personal use in the pursuit of my studies and/or work at SJSU and (b) while I am a faculty, staff or student at SJSU. I acknowledge that upon termination of my employment or my student relationship with SJSU I will uninstall this software from my computer.
  3. This software is licensed as an entire suite and must be installed as such. Individual products/features may not be separated or substituted on multiple computers. I may, however, omit certain features from my localized workstation installation at my discretion.
  4. I understand and acknowledge that once the software license has been successfully retrieved and a license serial number has been assigned to me, there will be no exchanges or returns permitted.
  5. I am a student or employee of San Jose State University who is enrolled in a course for the current semester or actively employed.