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If you need telephone(s) and/or voice mailbox(es) installed, moved, changed or disconnected, please complete and submit our Telephone and Network (Internet) Service Request Form.

Unless otherwise notified, telephone and/or voicemail repairs will be completed 1 working day after the trouble is reported.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when reporting the problem you are experiencing with your telephone or voice mailbox:

  • Your name and department
  • User's name and department, if different
  • Number of the telephone extension or voice mailbox which is in need of repair
  • Building and room number where the telephone is located
  • Designated contact who will be available to work with the telephone technician, as needed
  • Working callback number which can be used to reach either you or the designated contact
  • Specific nature of the problem (“It does not work” does not meet this criterion)
    Examples of specific problems include no dial tone, static on the line, can hear the caller but cannot be heard, etc.