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OU Campus is a Web Content Management System that allows users to create and maintain Web pages without having to know any HTML. Some of the features include multi-browser support, in-context WYSIWYG editor, direct edit, auto save, scheduled publishing, workflow & integration with Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about OU Campus.

October 16, 2013

New OU Campus features!

Easily managed photo galleries, web forms, and polls are now available as Assets for campus websites. To learn how to take advantage of the new features, please attend one of multiple training sessions that are scheduled over the next few weeks.

Collectively, these new features are part of what's called the Live Delivery Platform (or LDP), a set of features released by OmniUpdate for the OU Campus software. Samples of each of the new features and links to training manuals are available on the OU Campus FAQ page.

Questions should be directed to

March 27, 2013

Hello OU Campus Users,

Later today the ShareThis functionality on campus websites is going to be disabled. We have had occasional feedback reporting problems with the ShareThis scripts causing errors and slowing down pages. While we were originally going to wait until the upcoming template refresh, our metrics show that it is currently used only by a statistically insignificant number of users.

Brenden Sparks
Web Services

February 25, 2013

This message is sent on behalf of the Office of Marketing & Communications:

Hello OU Campus Users,

This week we will be updating the social media icons on the website. View a preview of the new icons at

If you wish to learn how to use these social media icons on your own site to link to your social media presence, send an email to

Please use the "Report a problem with this website" link at the bottom of the page to provide feedback or to report any problems.

With Spartan pride,
Christina Olivas, SJSU Marketing and Communications

January 30, 2013

This message is sent on behalf of Web Services:

Hello everyone,

Web Services are working on some much requested changes to some of the elements of the campus web templates.

For the first phase we are focusing primarily on text inside of editable regions. Our goal is to increase font sizes so they are more legible as well as remove inconsistencies with how different page elements (hyperlinks, bulleted lists, headings, etc) display.

Some of you may have noticed a slight change to some of the blue headings on your site in the last week. Any H4 element that was also a hyperlink has switched from blue to black.

While the prototype work we are doing is isolated from the rest of the campus templates, there are a few conflicts in the current campus styles that we had to address in order to continue development. The now-much-darker hyperlinked H4 is a result of those resolved conflicts.

With assistance from the Marketing & Communications team we will be previewing the web style updates on a select number of sites in the coming weeks to demonstrate what the effect on current sites will be, as well as give campus content curators time to prepare for any adjustments that may be needed.

We will be sharing additional links and specific information once they are available.

Brenden Sparks
Web Services

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