Campus Physical Media Destruction Service


All electronic media, including hard drives, SSD’s, thumb drives and cell phones containing confidential Level 1 or Level 2 information are required to be destroyed by an approved data destruction process. See Electronic Data Disposition Standard.

Information Technology provides a free HIPAA, PCI-DSS and NSA certified device shredding service for all state and auxiliary departments. The service includes environmentally conscious separation and recycling of all materials.

How the Process Works

  1. Create or update your list of all the devices you will be dropping off. This list will be handy in an audit. Departments are required to keep this list for their records. Include:
    • Manufacturer and serial number of device being shredded
    • Tag, manufacturer and serial number of the computer the device came from (where applicable)
    • Date of destruction or delivery to Information Technology
    • Method of destruction (i.e., Information Technology, DBAN, KillDisk)
  2. If shredding a hard drive, remove the device from its computer, enclosure, cage or caddy. The shredding service will only accept bare drives.
  3. Place all the devices in a box.
    • Information Technology will accept bare hard drives, USB drives, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, SSD’s, CD’s, cell phones and tablets
    • Information Technology will not accept hard drives still in their external enclosures or towers
  4. Bring the box to the Computer Center 1st floor lobby and call 4-2345 or 4-2391; the NOC staff should be able to assist you any time M—F, 9 am—3 pm.
  5. The Computer Center staff will accept delivery of your drives. Your drives will be stored in a locked container inside our secured facility until physically destroyed. Information Technology will maintain a record of serial numbers for all devices destroyed as well as certifications of destruction.