Wireless Network

Connect to SJSU Wireless

For help configuring your computer, follow the steps in our Wi-Fi Guides, Tips & FAQ.

For connections to other websites such as Yahoo.com or eBay.com, you will need to log in with a valid SJSUOne ID, your King Library PIN or a guest account plus a password.

  • SJSUOne ID:  You can obtain an ID and password at SJSUOne.
  • King Library PIN:  To acquire a King Library PIN, you will have to apply for a for a library card.
  • Guest Account:  To obtain a guest account, you can self-register by following the instructions in our SJSU_Guest Wi-Fi Set Up Guide.

SJSU recently released an Airwave Standard which can be found on the Policies and Standards page

Campus Wi-Fi Coverage

Radio frequency (RF) around campus is random due to the university's size and initial wireless deployments. Physical impediments such as thick walls, metal structures and trees all interfere with RF propagation. Being located in downtown San Jose also introduces RF interference from buildings adjacent to campus. For more information, view:

Campus Wi-Fi Coverage

Our team is committed to improving Wi-Fi networking on campus by enhancing coverage. However, in some cases it may be more feasible to use wired ethernet service instead of wireless.

Wi-Fi Access Points

There are more than 2100 wireless access points deployed on the campus. The network runs on 802.11n technology and improves rogue Access Point (AP) and intrusion detection, central management operations, guest access services and more.