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Shared Document Editing & Review

Google Drive provides simple but powerful web-based word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing tools. You may be thinking, "not a big deal. We've all got Microsoft Office." Here are some situations where Office documents may prove lacking.

Have you ever emailed a document and immediately sent a revision? Don't you wish it was easy to ensure people always have the current version of your document? You can solve this dilemma by creating and sharing your documents in Google Drive. Your documents can be editable or read only. You can share with selected people, all SJSU or the world. When people access your Google document, it is always the most current version by default.

Can you work with a team on a document in Microsoft Office, simultaneously reviewing and annotating in real-time while being in different buildings or even different time zones? In Google Drive you can.

Never lose an edit—your changes are always saved instantly. Never lose a revision because you can always back-track to previous versions of your documents. See changes being made by a colleague or student while they’re being made. Make annotations that pop up immediately for other viewers.