Google Calendar & Scheduling

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Flexible Calendars & Scheduling

Scheduling at a university is complicated...class hours—office hours—department meetings—not to mention your life!

Google Calendar is a flexible calendar system that can help you get all of that under control. If you have different sharing needs for personal, work and public events it’s easy to create as many calendars as you need and give each of them different sharing settings. It’s just as easy to move calendar entries from one calendar to another.

When it comes time to schedule meetings, you can check other employees’ availability, send them invitations and track their responses. You can even schedule rooms for your meeting. All conference rooms at SJSU have been entered as Google Calendar resources.

Add Additional Calendars

If your department schedules other types of rooms that aren’t part of the general classroom inventory, your department office may contact the IT Help Desk and request they be added.

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