Campus Email

Access Your SJSU Email

Computing Services provides email and related services for San José State. We provide all faculty, staff and students with email accounts that serve as the official campus email addresses. Email accounts for new employees and students are automatically created each day. The email system is web-based and works with a variety of mobile devices. Access your email through the web browser you already have on your computer (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer).

  1. First-time users, begin by setting your password at SJSUOne Set/Reset Password
  2. Then, to access your email account, go to SJSU Email (SSO Login)
  3. To sign in, use your SJSUOne ID and password—the same ID and password you use to access MySJSU and the campus wireless network
  4. After you login, you will see your email address (in upper right corner of screen) and it will use the following format:

Student Email

All actively enrolled students receive a web-based email address. SJSU email accounts are automatically created for active students who are currently in a class or have class within 45 days of today. Accounts are automatically removed one year after your last class meeting. For more details, view Student Email FAQ.

Faculty and Staff Email

Active staff and faculty receive official campus email addresses. It may take up to 3 days for us to create email accounts for new employees. You can verify your campus email address by checking the Faculty and Staff Directory. For more details, view Faculty and Staff Email FAQ.

More Google Apps

Campus Email is driven by Google Apps Edu. SJSU Google Apps Edu is an email system and much more. It also offers Google Calendars, Google Groups, Google Drive, and Google Talk. To learn more, see Google Apps.