Faculty & Staff Email FAQ

How do I access my email the first time?

  1. First-time users, begin by activating your account at SJSUOne Activate Your Account
  2. Then, to access your email account, go to SJSU Email (SSO Login)
  3. To sign in, use your SJSUOne ID and password—the same ID and password you use to access MySJSU and the campus wireless network

How do I get my SJSU email address?

After you login, you will see your email address (in upper right corner of screen) and it will use the following format:  firstname.lastname@sjsu.edu. In addition, you can verify your email address by looking in the SJSU Directory.

Who gets an SJSU email address?

All active faculty, staff, auxiliaries, Persons of Interest, and students.

When are new SJSU email accounts created?

New campus email accounts are created daily. Employee email accounts are created based on records maintained by Human Resources. Employee email accounts may be created before your first day of employment. Your account will be created as soon as all hiring processes and paperwork are completed and entered by Human Resources.

How long can I keep my SJSU email address?

As long as you are employed or taking classes with SJSU or its auxiliaries, your account will be maintained. At the end of your employment, your account will be flagged for deletion and you will start receiving warning emails.

To maintain continuity between absent semesters and meet reporting requirements faculty enjoy a 250-day grace period after their last day of employment before their accounts are flagged for deletion.

Email accounts are maintained indefinitely for distinguished professors receiving Emeriti appointments upon retirement.

Staff members have a 30 day grace period after their last day of employment before their accounts are flagged for deletion.

Where do I get help?

Contact us at 408-924-1530 or itservicedesk@sjsu.edu.

What if I forget my password?

Campus email uses the SJSUOne password. If you have difficulty with your password, you can get a new password, either online or by email, as follows:

Are there advertisements?

SJSU’s email is completely ad-free. You may still receive unsolicited advertising mail (spam) in your inbox. Gmail has excellent anti-spam tools, and using them will help ensure you don’t get much spam.