Email Distribution

Distribution Tools

There are 2 main distribution tools based on the type of distribution you need:

  • Large automated distributions
  • Project focused subscriptions

Large Automated Distribution: Announce System

Do you need to send a distribution to any of the following groups?

  • All Faculty and Staff
  • All Students
  • A Division
  • Everyone in a certain building
  • Everyone in a Department

The Announce system allows you to send large distributions as easily as sending an email. You can even schedule the distributions for a later delivery. Announce is the system used by Public Affairs to distribute announcements.

Contact Public Affairs with your announcement and they will fill in the online form, choose the distribution and the email is sent. The distributions are updated daily, so your message always goes out to the latest list of members. If you send to a very large distribution, any required approvals are automatically routed by the system.

This system is available to Public Affairs to facilitate large distributions. Helpful usage instructions are included in the Announce system.

Project Focused Subscriptions

Do you have a committee or a focus area and you would like to share information with anyone who would like to join in to share information on your topic? If you have an ad-hoc membership or want recipients to opt-in to your list, you might consider SJSU Google Groups.