How Email Accounts are Created

Email Accounts Created Daily

Computing Services creates and distributes official campus email addresses on a daily basis (Monday-Friday):

  1. At 6 am, we receive updated student and employee records from the MySJSU database
    Notes: Although SJSUOne receives updates daily, it may take up to 3 days for recent MySJSU changes to be reported to SJSUOne. For new employees, make sure your department has submitted the employee’s hiring paperwork to Human Resources and that Human Resources has entered your employee's information and start date in MySJSU
  2. We identify records updates, and then run an automated process that creates addresses for new employees and students
  3. At noon, SJSUOne is updated and new accounts are created based on the new records
  4. At 1 pm, SJSU’s Google Apps for Education is updated and new accounts are created based on the new SJSUOne records
  5. Email addresses are created using the following format:
    Note: You can verify an employee's email address by looking in the SJSU Directory

Steps for New Students and New Employees

  1. First-time users, begin by activating your account at SJSUOne Activate Your Account
  2. Then, to access your email account, go to SJSU Email (SSO Login)
  3. To sign in, use your SJSUOne ID and password—the same ID and password you use to access MySJSU and the campus wireless network
  4. After you login, you will see your email address (in upper right corner of screen) and it will use the following format: