Digital Signage


 digital sign

The Digital Sign service allows users to dynamically display and update a range of content types on the target screens remotely, including web pages, slide shows and video. Display devices are usually large format digital screens (signs) in prominent locations. Content displayed on the digital signs is maintained using OU Campus.

Digital signs are deployed in lobbies or hallways of buildings (Digital Signage charter). All locations will need to be approved by FD&O to meet building code and safety requirements.

Interested in deploying digital sign in your area, please complete the customer information form to schedule physical inspection and identify next steps.




Roles & Responsibilities


  • Information Technology will schedule physical inspection, engage FD&O and customer to finalize location. Information Technology will also purchase monitors, configure Cisco Interactive Experience Client (IEC), install data port (if needed) and provide hands-on training.
  • Customers are responsible for getting the location ready for digital signage (example: install power outlet, remove bulletin board, wall painting), attend training and create content.


  • Information Technology will deploy monitor and IEC at finalized location with content created by the customer. 
  • Customer will participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and sign-off on deployment.


  • Information Technology will continue to provide technical support and training
  • Customer is responsible for coordinating with appropriate unit/department/college tech support teams for hardware support.

Future Road Map

  • Interactive Experience Manager (IEM) upgrade (March, 2016)

Deployed Locations

On Campus Locations

Building Location Contact
Industrial Studies IS 113 Debbora A. Creed
Business Tower BT 950 Nick Van Eyck
Boccardo Business Complex BBC 008 Nick Van Eyck
Campus Village CVA, CVB & CVC Lobby Gina Lombardo
University Police Department Lobby Denny Yau
MacQuarrie Hall Lobby, Just Below, 4th and 5th floor Cathy Kozak,
Stephanie Fabian,
Eddie Jimenez
Associated Students House Conference rooms Mohammed Khasimi
AS Print Shop Lobby Mohammed Khasimi
Student Union General Services, Transportation Services, Computer Service Center Mohammed Khasimi
Administration Accessible Education Center  & Career Center Lobby Ronald Wong
Student Services Center Lobby, Bursar, Financial Aid, Welcome Center, Registrar & AARS, ASPIRE/McNair & Peer Connections Ronald Wong
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library On Fourth Cafe, 4th and 5th floor Stephanie Fabian
Christina Mune
Science Building Lobby Cathy Kozak
Engineering Building Lobby Lee Andersen
Joe West Hall Breezeway Gina Lombardo
Royce Hall Lobby Gina Lombardo
Hoover Hall Lobby Gina Lombardo
Washburn Hall Lobby Gina Lombardo
Dwight Bentel Hall Lobby & Spartan Daily Offices Robert Rucker
Hugh Gillis Hall HGH 229 Roxanne Cnudde
Dining Commons Paper Crane, El Mercado, Stacked & Off-the map Stephanie Fabian
Central Classroom Lobby (outside CCB 209) Vicky Ocampo

Off Campus Locations

Location Contact
Bunker Hill Nick Van Eyck
AS Child Development Center Mohammed Khasimi
Hammer Theatre Bruce Gardner