Accessibility Reports Important Information

Important Information

This site contains Web accessibility reports for websites in the domain.

  • Critical administrative websites1, websites launched after September 1, 2007 and websites as requested are being monitored.
  • Reports are generated by Compliance Sheriff. Compliance Sheriff can not find every accessibility problem. It does find common problems such as missing alt text, missing form labels, and improper use of frames.
  • Compliance Sheriff does not find other problems, such as inappropriate alt text, missing headings, HTML validation errors, inaccessible multimedia content, incorrect use of styles, and incorrect linearization. Pages still need to be evaluated using the Section 508 manual evaluation procedure.
  • A report for a website is generated by following all links to publicly available pages inside that site starting at its home page.
  • Reports are run once per week.
  • If you want to request that your website be included or removed from this service or have any other questions, please contact the Web Services Unit.

1These are websites determined by the campus to be important for its mission and operation.
A website or webpage is administrative if its primary function is governance, commerce, or navigation to institutional resources or publication of institutional information.
CSU Coded Memorandum AA-2007-04 [pdf]

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