Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Service Description

Information Technology (Information Technology) provides secure remote access, aka “virtual private network” (VPN). VPN allows users outside of the SJSU network access to restricted resources (e.g., connecting to file shares, servers, desktops) on the SJSU network as if they are physically located on the SJSU campus.

Who can use the service?

Students with an active SJSUOne account, Faculty and Staff.

What is included?

The VPN service provides a secure, encrypted connection to the SJSU network. If you connect to the VPN service from off campus, you will have access to resources that are otherwise limited for use only on the SJSU network.

How do I get this service?

Service is provided to customers through their local department technician.

What operating systems are compatible with this service?

  • Windows 7 (or newer)
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac OS (10.6 or newer)
  • Apple iOS

How long does it take to get the service?

Once the client is configured via a department technician, it should take less than a minute to establish a connection to the VPN service.

How to connect?

Once your download and install the Cisco AnyConnect Client, enter the server name of click connect and used your SJSU ID and password. (Yes it is that easy!)

VPN Connect

How do I get support?

Support for this service is provided Monday through Friday, during operating hours through the Information Technology Help Desk.


VPN is an Information Technology Baseline service and is offered at no additional cost to the Campus Community.

Download VPN App

Android Client Download

Apple IOS Client Download

Linux Client Download

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