Video Production Service

San José State Information Technology (IT) Video Production services for video and audio recordings for academic content, staff and faculty training and public relations.

Who can use the service?

Faculty and Staff.

What is included?

  • Project Consulting

    We meet with our customers to evaluate, plan and provide guidance on their unique        video production needs.  

  • Storyboard Scripting

    We help develop your storyboard script and/or provide guidelines on how to best      develop the storyboard/script on your own.

  • Video Recording

    We provide studio or on-site video recordings of classroom content/events, conferences, forums, high-profile meetings and other events.

  • Video Editing

    We can add slides, images/photos, sound, footage to your project that we or you produce.

  • Media Duplication

    If you have used our services previously, and/or have archived media, we can provide duplicate copies upon request. We can duplicate media that resides within our            archives or we can duplicate media that you provide us (subject tcopyright).

  • Distribution 

    Finished Products can be distributed for viewing via the web, podcast, DVD, CD or other formats to fit your needs.

How do I request Video Production services?

To request Video Production Services please fill out the Video Production Request Form.  
For Media Duplication Service, please fill out the Media Duplication Request Form.


Video Production Service is a State funded service and is offered at no additional cost for general funded activities. Foundation and other externally funded projects may incur recharge costs.