Technology Consultation

Service Description

Information Technology (Information Technology) provides technology support consultations on the capabilities and use of the Next Generation learning and meeting spaces, mobile telepresence units, and other collaboration technology available in campus.

Who can use the service?

Faculty and Staff.

What is included?

  • Faculty and staff can consult with a Technology team member to assist with and increase their comfort in using in-room technology
  • Technology Support staff can be made available to take interested faculty into the Next Generation classrooms they will be teaching in and walk them through the basic operations and use cases of the room
  • Technology Support staff are available to help other campus staff get comfortable with the technology they intend to use

How do I get this service?

Faculty and staff may request for the service by submitting a request to the IT Help Desk:, with the subject: “Request for Technology Consultation on Learning and Meeting Space”.

How long does it take to get the service?

The delivery of the service depends on the availability of the Next Generation Classroom. Users are advised to put in the requests for the service at least 2 weeks before the intended date of the lecture capture.

How do I get support?

Support for this service is provided Monday through Friday, during operating hours through the Information Technology Help Desk.


Technology consultation is an Information Technology Baseline service and is offered at no additional cost to the Campus Community.

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