Campus AV Design and Support

(Incl General Assignment Classroom Spaces, Adopted Dept. Spaces, Housing et al)

Information Technology (IT) provides the campus community with AV design and support for all of the campus’ general assignment Classrooms and adopted department spaces. Support is also provided for Housing AV equipment based on an IT agreement and funding from Housing to IT.

The objective of the service is to drive standardization across the campus for classrooms, meeting spaces, and general AV use.

The advantage being that SJSU will have less parts, more uniform user experience and improved support. Uniform environment will also enable “adoption of rooms” by the CATS team over time for zero transition retrofit.

Who can use the service?

  • Departments
  • Housing

What is included?

  • Consulting for any AV deployment on campus
  • Support for all of Housing AV equipment

How do I get this service?

Enter an iSupport Service Request (SR) and have it routed to AV Development Queue

How long does it take to get the service?

Timeframe contingent on vendor and FD&O timelines.

How do I get support?

Once a design has been implemented, regular equipment support can be requested by entering an iSupport Service Request (SR) and have it routed to Mike Wardley for consideration.  


AV Consulting: This is a zero cost service

Support for AV Equipment: By prearrangement only