Television Service—IPTV for Housing Residents

Service Description

Information Technology provides IP television services, offering over 90 channels of content on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet or regular TV.

Who can use the service?

All residents of campus housing with an active SJSUOne account can use this service with their regular TV, plus with their computers and mobile devices anywhere on campus. The service is distributed across campus via the campus computer network.

What is included?

TV content may be viewed on your PC and Mac via your web browser, on iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet or other mobile devices via a downloadable app anywhere on campus.

Housing residents can request a Roku streaming player for use with regular TVs.

How do I get this service?

Point your browser on your computer or mobile device to SJSU-Philo.

To set up IPTV on your computer, see IPTV Set Up for Computers.

To set up IPTV on your mobile device, see IPTV—Download Philo App for iPhones & iPads.

For TVs not connected to a computer, visit the Campus Village Computer Lab to pick up a Roku player. For Roku player instructions, see IPTV—Connect Roku Player & Set Up Philo IPTV.

How long does it take to get the service?

IPTV service for the Housing residents is currently available. You can check out a Roku player from the Campus Village Computer Lab.

How do I get support?

Support for this service is provided by visiting Philo Support or contacting them at


IPTV service is provided to campus residents at no additional cost.

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