SJSU_Premier Wi-Fi Set Up Guide for Windows

Note: Windows XP and earlier are no longer supported

  1. Enable wireless on the laptop by pressing on the wireless button. This is performed in various ways depending on the model of laptop you're using.  Often times it is a button or switch on the outside of the laptop.  Refer to the owner's manual for specific instructions.
  2. Click the Network Connections icon in the taskbar.

    Screenshot of step 2.
  3. Select SJSU_premier Wireless Network, and then click on Connect.
  4. Enter your SJSUOne ID in the User Name field, the password for your SJSUOne ID in the Password fieldand then click OK. 

    Screenshot of step 4.
  5. If necessary, click through any messages regarding certificates by clicking Connect.  
  6. Your computer is now connected to the SJSU Campus wireless network via the SJSU Premier WiFi service.