Tips on How to Get Better Wi-Fi Service

Wireless access points look like thisHaving a tough time connecting?

Keep these tips in mind:

  • You'll need to be indoors. Outdoor Wifi works - but depending on your distance from the outdoor access point - speed can vary.
  • Connect to SJSU_Premier, not SJSU_Guest.
  • Visually look for a wireless access point on walls, building columns or ceiling (pictured above).
  • Stay within line-of-sight of the wireless access point.
  • Do not sit directly below the access point
  • Everyone's bringing tons of devices to campus! This is causing traffic jams in crowded places. Look for less crowded buildings. Each of these access points can service about 150 clients. Keep in mind that most people carry 2 devices, so if there are many people working close to the access point, look for a different spot.
    Icon shows strong connection with 4 bars
  • Ensure you have a strong connection. If you don’t have 4 bars,
    move to a different location.
  • Interference can affect your ability to connect in some spots, especially King Library. Try an Ethernet connection.
  • If you see a large number of wireless networks - than there is probably a lot of interference.