SJSU_Premier Wi-Fi FAQ

Is the wireless network different than the wired network?

The wireless network is a separate network from the wired network, which is owned and operated by SJSU and supported by Network Services. In order to reach campus resources you have to connect through the Internet just like you would using your own ISP.

What is the difference between SJSU_Campus and SJSU_Premier?

Both are serviced by the same radios and perform identically. SJSU_Premier is encrypted; a secure connection. SJSU_Campus is not secure; not encrypted. Do not try to switch back and forth between them thinking one will work better than the other.

What devices are supported on SJSU Wi-Fi?

All systems and devices that have Wi-Fi functionality should work.

What wireless NICs are supported on the wireless network?

All typical wireless cards which support 802.11 a/g and n will be supported on the network. The 802.11b protocol is not supported.

Can I sign in with more than one Wi-Fi enabled device at a time, such as my laptop and phone?


What is the new SSID for the wireless network?

The SSID is sjsu_premier.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Open your laptop’s wireless configuration application and search for new networks. When the network sjsu_premier appears in the list, connect to it. Then start your browser and login at the appropriate place on the splash page.

How do I connect to a secure wireless network?

View Wi-Fi Guides, Tips & FAQ.

How do I set up my SMTP Mail client?

You must use your email provider's SMTP gateway.

How do I print from the wireless network?

Wireless printing is available, but will first need to be set up. You can request wireless printing set up by submitting an iSupport ticket or contacting us at 408-924-1530 or

How do I login?

Open your browser and you will automatically be directed to the login splash page to reach the login screen. It’s a good idea to bookmark the login page.

How do I logout when I have left the logout splash page?

Go to to the initial splash page to get the logout screen. Remember to bookmark the successful login page so you can bring up the page to logout.

Do I need to log off Wi-Fi when I am finished using my wireless connection?

No, the wi-fi system does not require a logout.

Can I use the Wireless network off-campus or at home?

The wireless network is strictly for the main campus and south campus. There are no plans to offer university sponsored network access to any other locations.

What are guest accounts?

Guest accounts allow visiting faculty, staff, campus vendors and library vendors, who do not have an SJSUOne account, to login to the wireless network. Seminar guests and other special functions can obtain guest accounts through special arrangement. Guest accounts are temporary accounts and will have a defined expiration date.

How are guest accounts obtained?

Any university faculty member or staff can request a guest account for their guest lecturer, professor or vendor. Students cannot request guest accounts. Guest accounts must be requested at least 48 hours before the event.

Why does my wireless signal come and go?

This could be related to your location or the quality of your wireless device.

Why does wireless work in some areas, but not in others?

Wireless is not available in every area on campus. Some areas are more electronically congested than others.

Why does SJSU not allow personal (rogue) wireless access points on campus?

For an explanation, visit Rogue (Personal) Wireless Access Points.

Who do I call for technical support?

If you are able to see the spalsh login page when you open your browser, but cannot login, you may be experiencing a problem with your SJSUOne or guest account. For problems with either accounts, please contact the IT Help Desk at 408-924-1530 or

If you are unable to see the login splash page or you see "The page cannot be displayed" error message when you open your browser, you may be experiencing a problem accessing the wireless network. For problems accessing the network, please contact the IT Help Desk at 408-924-1530 or

Who do I contact if this FAQ does not answer my questions?

Send any additional questions or comments you may have to the IT Help Desk at 408-924-1530 or Your input will greatly help us better our FAQ information and our technical support process.