MyDevices Wireless Set Up Guide

Students in the campus residence halls can use these instructions to connect their wireless devices to the campus network.

SJSU Premier Wi-Fi Connection

The SJSU_Premier wireless network is a fast and secure network. Laptops, tablets, cell phones and other compatible wireless devices should be signed in to SJSU Premier using your SJSUOne ID and password. For instructions, see Wi-Fi Guides, Tips and FAQ.

SJSU MyDevices Wi-Fi Connection

Some wireless devices (such as an X-Box or Wii system) may not allow you to enter an ID and password, or may not support the authentication method (WPA2 Enterprise). If you're having trouble signing your device into SJSU Premier Wi-Fi, you can use the My Devices page to register it.

My Devices is not as secure as SJSU Premier. While it's great for watching Netflix or playing games on Xbox Live, it should not be used for accessing confidential information such as your bank account or your student records on MySJSU. It is only available in the student housing areas.

Things you will need:

  1. Your SJSUOne ID and password
  2. Access to the Internet
  3. The MAC address of your device
    A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a code that every wireless device uses to identify itself on the Internet. It looks like a series of 12 numbers and letters separated into groups of two by colons. (Example: EC:01:23:45:E6:7F) You can find this MAC address in the About or Settings section of most devices. Many devices have the MAC address printed on a label on the side or bottom.

My Devices Instructions

  1. Go to the My Devices Portal
  2. Enter your SJSUOne ID and password, and then click Sign On
    My Devices Portal Sign In
  3. On the Manage Devices page, enter the MAC address of your device in the Device ID (MAC Address) field
  4. (Optional.) You can enter a Description to help identify this device in the future
  5. Click Submit to add the device
    My Devices Manage Devices Page
  6. Your device should appear in the Your Devices section, and you should now connect it to the SJSUMyDevices wireless network. You will not be prompted for an ID or password
    My Devices Device Added Page
  7. In the future, if you wish to remove this device, return to the My Devices page, select the device, and then click Delete
    You can also click Lost? to mark the device as missing. In some cases, the campus network team may be able to assist in recovering a missing device.

Find the Media Access Control Address

Here are some outside links that may help find the MAC address on common devices: