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Quick Tip: The WebEx 'Raise Hand' Feature [0:34 Min]

If you're running a big meeting, you probably want to use muting and hand raising to help control the flow of questions and input.

Quick Tip: Mute on Entry [0:34 Min]

Make your presentations to large groups work better by reducing background noise and managing interruptions.

Spartan WebEx Tips #1: Logging in to WebEx [2:57 Min]

OK, you have an account on this "WebEx" thing. But how do you get started with it?

Spartan WebEx Tips #2: Installing Java [2:01 Min]

Some WebEx services require Oracle Java to work. If you have administrative access to your computer, you can install it. Just make sure you get it from the right source, and only install the parts you need.

Spartan WebEx Tips #3: Presentable Presentations [2:36 Min]

Using Powerpoint to organize your online lecture? WebEx has great sharing tools to help you present more effectively.

Spartan WebEx Tips #4: Dialing for Dollars [3:22 Min]

WebEx offers several audio conference tools. Some are easy, but can cost SJSU money. Others are a bit more complicated, but are free. Learn what your options are.

Spartan WebEx Tips #5: Hollywood High-Tech [3:05 Min]

You might find yourself cast in a bad light, literally, when using WebEx video conferencing. Here's what you can do to correct that and look your best in your video conferences.

Creating a TelePresence Session [2:53 Min]