What is SJSUOne?

SJSUOne is a password consolidation system. An SJSUOne account is a university access account available to all current faculty, staff and students at San José State. You can use your SJSUOne username and password to log in to most SJSU applications on campus, including the SJSU wireless network, SJSU email and MySJSU. SJSUOne is developed and maintained by Identity & Information Security.

How do I get my SJSUOne account?

An account has been created for all current faculty, staff and students. Your SJSUOne account is automatically created and removed based on MySJSU records. Before your account can be used, you must Set Your Password. Your email account is created along with your SJSUOne account. To learn more, see Faculty and Staff Email FAQs.

What do I need before I can use my account?

You will need the number printed on the back of your SJSU ID (Tower) Card. If you don't have an SJSU ID Card, contact the Bursar's Office or Human Resources to obtain one. We will also ask you for some personal information to validate your identity.

What are the password requirements?

Passwords need to be between 8 and 28 characters long and can follow either of the following
complexity schemes:

  • If password is 8—16 characters long:
    • It can not contain spaces
    • It needs to contain at least one lowercase letter
    • It needs to contain at least one uppercase letter
    • It needs to contain at least one number
    • It needs to be uniquely different than previous passwords (do not reuse passwords)
  • If password is 17—28 characters long:
    • No character restrictions
    • It needs to be uniquely different than previous passwords (do not reuse passwords)

Is it safe to give my personal information to you?

Yes. The SJSUOne application is verified by an SSL Digital Certificate (note the https in the URL). The https means this well-known digital certificate provider has established that we are who we say we are. Also, the data transmitted by your web browser is encrypted as it crosses the network, which prevents unauthorized 'snooping' of your information. Finally, the information you send us is converted to a 'hash' and compared with a hash that Student Services and Human Resources provide to us; thus we can validate who you are without ever having access to your personal information.

What if I forget my password?

Should you ever forget your password, you'll be able to reset it by using the Password Reset tool.

What do I do if my password expires?

Email messages are sent to notify you when your SJSUOne password is about to expire. The first notification is sent to you 30 days prior to expiration and the messages are sent once a week from then on until you reset your password. The email will come from Please make sure to add this address to your contact list so the email doesn't get sent to your spam folder.

If your password expires, you can still log in in to the SJSUOne Account Management system using your current (expired) password and it will prompt you to change your password. This can be done by logging in to the SJSUOne Account Management system and using the Change My Password module. For more information, see SJSUOne Expired Passwords.

Which applications use SJSUOne?

Over 40 applications on campus use SJSUOne. You can see the full list at SJSUOne Enabled Apps.

What if I need help?

Contact Information Support Services at For more information on how we can help, see Technical Assistance.