Cisco Phone Headsets & Other Devices

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Settings button

Headset Button

Headset button

How do I?

Connect my Bluetooth headset?

  1. Press the Settings button on your phone
  2. Select Accessories
  3. Select Add Bluetooth Accessory
  4. Set your your Bluetooth device to be discoverable
  5. When you see the device appear on the screen, select the device, and then Connect
  6. When the device connects, select Exit, and then Exit again to leave the menu

Answer a call using my headset?

  1. With the headset connected, press the Headset button to answer the ringing phone

Choose a headset that will work with my phone?

  1. Headsets must be ordered through your department contact. Plantronics and Jabra brand headsets are recommended by Cisco. Wide band headsets will have the best quality.
  2. We have tested and recommend the following headsets:

Jabra UC Voice 750
(With headband, dark grey, USB connection)
Part #7593-829-409

Jabra Motion UC
(hands-free communication with Blue Tooth)
Part #6640-906-105

A full list of compatible headset are available for review at: