Table FAQ

Q: How do I add headers to a table?
A: To make the top row of a table into headers:

  1. Highlight the cells in the top row
  2. Click the Table Cell Properties icon in the tool bar
  3. Set the Cell Type to Header 
  4. Set the Scope to Column
  5. Click the OK button

Q: How can I change the width of a table?
A: To change the width of a table:

  1. Click inside the table
  2. Click the Insert/Edit table icon in the toolbar
  3. In the Width box, enter 100% if you want the table to fill the available space. If you want it smaller, enter a smaller %. Do not use px for the table width. Do not set a table height.

Q: How can I change the width of a table column?
A: To change the width of a column:

  1. Select one of the cells in the column you want to change
  2. Click the "Table Cell Properties" icon in the toolbar
  3. Set the Width to the value you want (50%, for example)
  4. Choose "Update all cells in column"
  5. Click the "Update" button
  6. Repeat for other columns

Q: How Do Sortable Tables Work?

When a page with a sortable table loads, the table data is presented exactly as it was created.

Clicking on a column header rearranges the rows in the table so that they are ordered according to the values in that column. Clicking the same header again reverses the order. Once the table has been sorted, the only way to return it to its original order is to reload the page.

When the table is sorted, an arrow appears in the column that the sort is based on. An upward-pointing arrow indicates that the column is sorted in ascending order (1 - 10, A - Z), and a downward-pointing arrow indicates that the column is sorted in descending order (10 - 1, Z - A).

Note: Site visitors using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 will not be able to use the sorting feature.
This feature is based on SortableFor more advanced features, such as enabling sorting by date/time and disabling sorting on a particular column, please see the Sortable documentation at

Example Sortable Table
Numbers Words
1 eggplant
2 blueberry
3 cherry
8 Banana
100 apple pie
6 banana
7 almond
10 grapefruit
9 apple


Q: How can I create a sortable table?
A: If you have an existing data table that you would like to be made sortable, contact and we can make the necessary changes. If you want to create a new sortable table, use the Sortable Table snippet. If your site does not have the snippet, contact and we can make it available.