Home Page Slideshow


The SJSU web template allows you to place a slideshow of changing images on the home page of your website. You have the choice of a slideshow or a static banner image.

Enabling the Slideshow

To enable the slideshow:

  • Check out the index.pcf file at the top level of your site
  • Go to the Properties of the page
  • Select the Slideshow yes radio button under Custom Settings
  • Click the Save button

Editing the Slideshow

To edit the slideshow, check out the home page index.pcf file and click the green Edit button above the large image at the top of the page.

You should see a table with three columns: image, title, and caption.

The image column is where you put the images that will be part of the slideshow. The dimensions of the image must be 660px wide and 340px high. Other dimensions will not display correctly. Potential problems include images looking "stretched" and images overlapping with captions.

The title column is where you add text that will be displayed as a heading in the lower part of the image.

The caption column is where you enter the text that will be displayed as a paragraph below the title heading.

Adding a New Image

To add a new image, you need to add a new row to the table. To add a row at the end, right-click in the last row of the table, then choose Row -> Insert Row After from the pop-up menu. Now, you can use the Insert/Edit tool to add a new image, and enter the title and caption for the new image. Note: title and caption must be plain text only. Do not try to add formatting, headings, links, etc.