Live Polls

A poll is a specialized type of form that has one group of radio buttons that users can 'vote' on, and when the poll is submitted, the vote totals are graphically displayed.

Note: There is currently a limit of one form (including polls) per web page. 
Form assets are locked to a site, so will not be available on other sites.

Creating a Poll

To create a poll:

  1. Go to Content -> Assets
  2. Click the +new button at the top right of the page
  3. Choose Managed Form
  4. Give your asset a name and description
  5. Add meaningful tags to help you find the asset later (optional)
  6. Enter the Success Message (this will be displayed when the poll has been successfully submitted)
  7. Enter the Failure Message (this will be displayed if there are problems with the poll submission)
  8. Leave the Save Results in Database box checked
  9. Click New Element
  10. Select type Radio Buttons (Choose One)
  11. Enter options as the label (this can be changed after you save the asset)
  12. Enter type=poll; (including the semi-colon) in the Advanced field
  13. Click New Radio Button
  14. Enter the name of the option
  15. Repeat for additional options
  16. Click Save
  17. Open the asset again and change the label to something more meaningful. The Name will remain options.
  18. Publish the asset
  19. Add the asset to the page where you want the form

Viewing Poll Data

  1. Go to Content -> Assets
  2. Find the asset in the list
  3. Check out and edit the asset
  4. Click View results link at the upper right corner
  5. If you want to download the information, use the Download as a CSV link

Example Poll

What's Sammy Spartan's favorite color?

View Results

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