OU Campus User Permission Options


By default, OU Campus users have permission to view, edit, and publish pages in every site they have access to. If this is what you want, you don't need to do anything special.


In some cases, the owner of a site will want to give limited access to a user or users. The commonly requested limitations are:

  • Restrict a user to a certain section of a website (for example, user can access www.sjsu.edu/at/ec but not other areas of the /at site)
  • Restrict a user's ability to publish pages (user needs to send updated page to another user who can publish the page)
  • Prevent a user from renaming/moving or deleting pages

Restricting to a Section of a Website

In order to limit a user's access to a part of a website, we need to know the name of the highest-level folder that user needs access to (for example, /at/ec). The user will only have access to that folder and everything inside it. We will assume that existing users will continue to need access to that folder.

Restricting Publish Permissions

There are two ways to limit access--by assigning an "Approver" to a user, or by assigning a "Publishers" group to a site.

If a user has access to only one site, then the easiest way to remove that user's ability to publish pages is to assign an approver to the user. When a user has an approver, instead of the "Publish" button, they see a "Send to Approver" button. To make this happen, we just need to know who the approver should be for a specified user. Note: the approver needs to be someone with the ability to publish pages on the site.

Since this applies to all sites the user has access to, it will not work if:

  • A user needs to be able to publish pages on one site, but not on another site
  • A user needs different approvers for different sites

In those cases, we need to create a new user group that contains only people who can publish, and assign that group as the only allowed "publishers" for that site. A user who is not in that group will have to request one of the people in the group to publish. To make this happen, we would need a list of people who should be allowed to publish pages on a site.