Understanding Site Navigation


Primary Navigation

Primary Navigation is what we call the row of links across the top of every page on your site. These are links to the top-level pages of your site. 

Secondary/side Navigation

Links to pages located at the second level of your site are shown as drop-down menus under the appropriate primary link. Links to sub-pages are shown in the right column of their parent page.


Primary Navigation

Primary navigation is automatically created based on the top-level pages of your site. Every time you publish primarynav.pcf, the primary navigation is updated to match changes to your top-level pages.

Making changes

The primarynav.pcf file is not editable. The only valid options are Preview and Publish. To make changes to your navigation you need to change the properties of the top-level pages.

Change Link Order

Primary navigation links are ordered from left to right based on the value in the Primary Nav order property. To move a link left, enter a smaller number. To move it right, enter a larger number (up to 99). Then, publish primarynav.pcf.

Remove a Page from Primary Navigation
  1. Check out the page and open Properties
  2. Under Page Parameters, make sure the Primary Nav order field is empty
  3. Save the changes
  4. Publish primarynav.pcf
Change Link Text

The clickable text in the navigation comes from the Page Title in the page properties. To change the link:

  1. Check out the page and open Properties
  2. Under Page Parameters, change the Title field to the desired text
  3. Save the changes
  4. Publish primarynav.pcf
Secondary Navigation

Secondary navigation is based on the contents of files named sidenav.inc.

Every time you add a new page that is a sub-page of an existing page, it is automatically added to the sidenav.inc file in the existing page's folder.

For example, if you have a page called "students", and create "graduate" and "undergraduate" sub-pages, then links to those pages will be added to the sidenav.inc file in the students folder. Note: the sidenav.inc file is not automatically published, so when you want the links to appear, you will need to manually publish it.

Making Changes

To manually change secondary navigation, edit the appropriate sidenav.inc file to add, remove, or change links, then publish sidenav.inc.