Hiding and Un-hiding Pages

Hiding and Un-hiding pages

In OU Campus, it is possible to indicate that a page (usually a course page) should be hidden. When a page is hidden, it will not be published.

When content was migrated from Website Builder to OU Campus, many course pages were marked as "hidden" because some or all of their components were marked as inactive.

To make a page active, you need to modify its Properties. To do that, check out the page by clicking the "light bulb" icon so that it turns yellow. Then, you should see "Properties" as an option when you have your mouse pointer over "Edit" in the "Options" area of the page. See the screenshot below.

properties screenshot

After clicking "Properties", look for the Custom Settings area, and select the "Hide this page" box to hide the page or un-select it to make the page visible. If there is a check mark in the box, the page will not be visible.

Hide this page screenshot

After making the change, click Save, then publish the page. It can take up to 10 minutes for the change to appear on your site.

Note: This will make the page visible, but you may still need to create links to the page.

If the Courses tab of your profile's navigation menu does not have visible links to the courses you just un-hid, you need add links to those particular courses in the sidenav.inc file in your /courses folder.

For a detailed walkthrough of the process, download the Hidden Content Guide [pdf].

Note: Some files on this page require the Adobe PDF viewer. Download PDF viewer.