Guide for the Authorized User

Sign In & Password Reset

  1. Retrieve the email message that contains your user name and password
  2. Click the link in the email
    The SJSU Student Account Online page displays
  3. Enter the Parent Username and Password you received in the email
    The Profile Setup Page displays
  4. Enter the requested information to reset your password:
    • Old Password: Enter the password you received in the email
    • Enter New Password: Create a new password
      (Must be at least 8 characters, including 2 letters and 2 non-letters)
    • Confirm Password: Retype your new password
      The If You Forget Your Password page displays
  5. Select a Secret Questionfrom the drop-down menu
    • Enter your answer
    • Click Submit
      The SJSU Student Account Online page displays

Make a Payment

  1. From the SJSU Student Account Online page, click the Click here to make a payment link
    The Student Account Online page displays
  2. Review the payments due, and then select the bill to pay by clicking its link
    The Student Balance box displays
  3. Select the Term from the drop-down menu
  4. Review the payment information
  5. To make an additional payment, click Make Another Payment; otherwise, click Checkout
  6. When you are ready to pay, click Checkout
    The Select Method of Payment page displays
  7. Select the method of payment
    Note: If you have previously saved credit card information, you can use that saved account information now
  8. Enter your credit card information, and then click Continue
  9. Review the details regarding the service charge, and then check the box to acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions
  10. Click Continue to Checkout
  11. Enter the email address where you want your receipt delivered, and then click Continue to Checkout
    The Credit Card Billing Information page displays
  12. Review and confirm Payment Information, and then click Submit Payment
    The Transaction Approved page displays
  13. Email, view and print your receipt from this page by entering the required criteria
  14. Click Continue
  15. Verify that information is correct, and then click Submit Payment
    You will receive a receipt at the email address you supplied