Enroll in a Payment Plan

  1. Click the MySJSU Sign In link, and then enter your SJSU ID and password
  2. From the Student Center, click Payment Plan and Other Services
  3. Click Enroll in payment plan
  4. Select a Payment Plan, and then click Next
  5. Click Sign up for a New Payment Plan
  6. Review the installments for the Payment Plan, and then click Next
  7. Review the installment schedule and terms, and then select the Yes, I have read this agreement box
  8. Click Enroll
    A message displays: Congratulations you have enrolled in a Payment Plan!
  9. Click View My Account to see your account
  10. Select the payment method from the drop-down menu and provide requested information, or click Continue Without Payment Method
  11. Read the agreement carefully
  12. Enter last 4 digits of your student ID number, and then click I Agree