View Service Indicator Audit

  1. Click the MySJSU Sign In link, and then enter your SJSU ID and password
  2. From the Main Menu, navigate to Campus Community > Service Indicator (Student) > Audit Service Indicator
    The Service Indicator Audit search page displays
  3. Enter search criteria for the individual such as SJSU ID, Last Name, First Name and National ID (SSN)
  4. Click Search
    The Service Indicator Audits search results display
  5. Select the Service Indicator you wish to view by clicking the row of data with the appropriate Service Indicator Reason Code
    The Service Indicator audit (including date and time audit was placed or removed) displays in the Service Ind Date Time field
  6. To view who placed or removed the audit, scroll down to the User ID field at the bottom of the page
  7. To determine if the Hold was placed or removed, view the action field:
    • If the Service Indicator was placed, the Action field displays Add
    • If the Service Indicator was removed, the Action field displays Delete
  8. To view additional Service Indicator data, click Next in List or Return to Search at the bottom of the page