Change Student Grades

  1. Click the MySJSU Sign In link, and then enter your SJSU ID and password
  2. In your Faculty Center, select the Term
  3. Click Change
    The Courses for the term selected display
  4. Select the Class by clicking the Grade Roster icon
    The Grade Roster page displays
    Note: If the Status displays Posted, changes must be made through the Student Grade Update form and submitted to the Registrar’s Office. If the Status displays Pending, changes can be made, even if the grades have been approved and saved
  5. Change the status from Approved to Not Reviewed
    The grade boxes display again
  6. Select the student and enter the new grade
  7. Once all grade changes have been entered, click Save
  8. If all grades are entered, select the Approval Status of Approved
  9. Once Approval Status displays Approved, click Save