KMS Problem Solving Steps

  1. Is your computer’s time correct?
    • Yes:  Good. Proceed to step #2
    • No:  Since the KMS relies on your computer’s time, it must match what is set on the KMS. Proceed to step #2
  2. Can you ping
    • Yes:  Good; proceed to step #3
    • No:  This mostly likely means that you are not on the SJSU network. This isn’t always the case as some network administrators have disallowed ping. Proceed to step #3
  3. Are you connected to a supported campus network area?
    • Yes:  The following areas are supported in KMS:
      • All wired academic/administration buildings
      • 4th Street
      • South Campus
      • King library
      • Student Housing Network
    • No:  The following network areas are not supported in KMS:
      • Housing Administration
      • Campus Wi-Fi
      • Other network outside of SJSU
  4. Are you still unable to connect?
    If you are on the SJSU network and still cannot connect, your network administrator has most likely implemented a firewall that is preventing communication with the KMS’s IP address. Please contact the IT Help Desk at or 408-924-1530, and a trouble ticket will be assigned to our KMS technician.