SJSU iSupport Training Videos

 iSupport Change Ticket Entry for Representatives [5:00 Min]

A quick overview of how to enter Change tickets in iSupport as a Support Representative.

iSupport Incident Ticket Entry for Representatives [5:17 Min]

How to enter a Standard Change ticket using iSupport

How to Log a Trouble Ticket as a Customer [2:49 Min]

If you're having an IT problem at SJSU, enter a ticket with our support staff to receive a prompt response. This video will show you how.

iSupport Change Templates [0:53 Min]

A description of how to apply a template to an iSupport Change ticket.

iSupport Correspondence [2:35 Min]

How to use the iSupport Correspondence system.

iSupport Work History [1:46 Min]

How to view and edit Work History in iSupport.

iSupport Quick Access [1:11 Min]

How to use the Quick Access Bar in iSupport.

Reassigning an iSupport Ticket [0:52 Min]

How reassign an iSupport Ticket to another representative or group.