Create a Google Group

Create a Self-Service Google Group for Use as a Shared Mailbox

  1. Go to Google Groups
  2. Sign in with your SJSUOne ID and password
  3. Click the Create Group button
    The Groups page displays
  4. Enter requested information:
    • Group email address:  Enter the address you wish to use
      Google will automatically add to the end of the address, so don’t include that
    • Group name:  Enter a meaningful name
    • Group description:  Write a description of your group
    • Group type:  Use the drop-down menu to select Collaborative inbox
    • Participants:  Use the drop-down menu to select All members of the group
    • View topics:  Click to deselect All organization members
    • Post:  Use the drop-down menu to select Public
    • Join the group:  Use the drop-down menu to select Only Invited Users
  5. When done, click the Create button
    A new pop-up window opens that says, "Congratulations: Your Google Group has been created"
  6. In the pop-up congratulations window, click the Customize your group’s settings link
    Alternatively, you can click the change its settings link in the email confirmation message that Google sent you
  7. In the left menu, navigate to Settings >> Email options
  8. Enter message settings:
    • Subject prefix: Enter [to:]
  9. Click the Save button
  10. In the left menu, navigate to Settings >> Moderation
  11. Turn off spam controls:
    • Spam messages:  Use the drop-down menu to select Skip the moderation queue…
  12. Click the Save button
  13. In the left menu, navigate to Members >> Direct add members
  14. Add members:
    • Enter Email Addresses:  Enter the email addresses of the people you wish to add to your group
    • Write a Welcome Message:  Enter information about group
    • Email subscription options:  Select All email
  15. Click the Add button