Google Online Training Videos


#1: Secrets of Multiple Sign in [3:58 Min]

Learn how you can keep your school and personal activity separate with quick and easy account switching.

#3: Labels that work for you [2:41 min]

You probably know how to file your Gmail. If you're automatically filtering your Gmail (and Gmail is already automatically filtering your spam), this tip will help you keep up with new mail that doesn't go to your inbox.

#4: Cookie Overload

If your Google Apps isn't behaving, maybe it's time to clear out your cookies.

Cookie Overload for Mac [2:44 Min]

Cookie Overload For Win [3:17 Min]

#5: Quick websites the Spartan way [3:39 Min]

Create a website in Google Sites that looks and feels like an SJSU website!

#6: That's not my name! [2:38 min]

You've got your SJSU Gmail account, but for whatever reason your directory listing and address don't match the name you use. Here's how you can fix that!

#7: History lessons [2:53]

Have to manage revision histories? Have to use a program outside Google Docs to create and edit your files? No problem!

#8: Who are all these people? [1:50 Min]

Is Gmail suggesting the wrong people and addresses to you? Here's how you can fix that.

#9: Frauds & Scams [3:07 Min]

When is a spam more than just a spam? When it's a fraud. Learn how to identify and report fraud attempts made against you.