Getting Started with Esna iLink

ESNA’s iLink for WebEx is an extension for Google’s Chrome web browser that lets you schedule WebEx meetings from within your SJSU Google Apps calendar. If you’re not using Chrome, this won’t be available to you. If you’ve got Chrome installed and running on your machine, let’s get started.

  1. Use your Chrome browser to sign in to SJSU Email.
    Screenshot of step 1.

  2. There’s a 3-bar icon in the upper-right corner of Chrome, that Google calls the Hamburger Menu. Pull down the Hamburger Menu.
    Screenshot of step 2.

  3. Just above the Exit menu item, you’ll find the More tools menu item. Click More tools to pull out the sidebar menu.
    Screenshot of step 3.

  4. Select Extensions from the sidebar menu. This will show you all the Chrome extensions you have loaded.
    Screenshot of step 4.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of your extension list, and you will find a Get more extensions link.
  6. Click the Get more extensions link.
    Screenshot of steps 5 and 6.

    It will take you to the Chrome web store.
    Screenshot of the Chrome web store.

  7. Type Esna in the Search for Extensions box at the upper left of the store, and then press Enter on your keyboard to search.
    Screenshot of step 7.

    The search will return 3 Esna extensions. The one you want is Esna iLink for WebEx.
    Screenshot Esna extensions.

  8. Click the + Free button to the left of the Esna iLink for WebEx row.
    Screenshot of step 8.

  9. A pop-up window will open. Click the Add button in the pop-up window to confirm you want to add Esna iLink for WebEx.
    Screenshot of step 9.

  10. Adding the extension will start the log-in process. Select log in:
    • If you use Google Plus, click the Google Plus Services button.
    • If you don’t use Google Plus, click the Google Services button.
  11. If you’re using multiple sign-in support, you will be asked what account you wish to log in as. Select your SJSU account.
    Screenshot of steps 10 and 11.

  12. Esna iLink for WebEx will ask your permission to access your Google Account. Click the Accept button to grant access.
    Screenshot of step 12.

  13. Esna will present you with an end-user license agreement. SJSU has a contract with Esna for this service, so you can safely click the Accept button to accept the agreement.
    Screenshot of step 13.

  14. After you’ve accepted the license agreement, you’ll be presented with 3 blanks to fill in so Esna knows how to connect to SJSU’s WebEx. Complete requested information:
    • Account/Site URL: Enter
    • User: Enter your email address
    • Password: Leave this field blank
  15. Click the Save button.
    Screenshot of steps 14 and 15.

  16. You should be taken to our SJSUOne Shibboleth Login Page. Enter your SJSU ID and password. This will connect Esna iLink to your WebEx account.
    Screenshot of step 16.

    You should see a Success page after logging in.Screenshot success message.

  17. Exit and re-start Chrome to ensure everything is working properly.
    Screenshot of step 17.

  18. If you see a little ‘!’ (exclamation point) icon on the Esna extension icon, you may need to log in again, either to iLink for WebEx or SJSUOne Shibboleth.
  19. Click the ‘!’ (exclamation point) icon and it will complete the login process with you.
    Screenshot of steps 18 and 19.