Video Content

Video Content Information

Digital signage devices support the following video types:

  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG

Performance Limitations

  • H.264 video up to 720p @ 6Mbps is supported. Video with a higher frame rate will have frame drops
  • Interlaced video (1080i, 480i, etc.) may have interlacing artifacts


If you need to add captioning to your video, you can use VidCoder.

Creating a Video Content Page

  1. Click the New button and select "New Video Sign"
  2. Provide a directory name (this is only used within OU Campus, it will not be displayed)
  3. Select the type of layout you want
    • Standard
    • Expanded
    • Full Screen Content
  4. Select the type of ticker you want
    • None
    • Twitter Feed
    • Scrolling Text
  5. If you selected Twitter Feed, enter the Twitter account name
  6. Enter the name of the video file 
  7. Click Create
  8. Go to the Content -> Pages view
  9. Open the videos folder inside the folder you just created
  10. Upload the video (the file name must be identical to the name entered in step 6)
    Note: Do not create a New page at this point. Just upload to the video folder.
  11. Publish the video
  12. Navigate up one level
  13. Publish the index.pcf file
  14. Preview the content (optional)
  15. Send the content to the display

Updating Video Content

  1. Upload the new video to the videos folder and publish it
  2. If the name of the video has changed, edit the Properties of index.pcf to change the Video filename, then save and publish index.pcf
    page properties screenshot
  3. Preview the content (optional)
  4. Send the content to the display