Troubleshooting Digital Signage


Monitor has no display

Monitor has incorrect display

Monitor is displaying an error

Monitor is not displaying anything

  • Make sure some content has been sent to the device. Re-send if necessary
  • Make sure the monitor is turned on
  • Make sure the correct input (usually HDMI) is selected
  • Make sure the IEC is turned on. The yellow LED on the front should be on. If it is not, press the power button on the right side
  • IEC Hardware problem

Monitor is displaying the wrong content

  • Log in to OU Campus, navigate to the page that should be displayed and send it to the display
  • If it is still displaying the wrong content, contact Web Services (provide the name of the IEC and the page it should be displaying)

Monitor is displaying an error message

  • The most common reason for error messages is that the display is unable to find a video file. Make sure the filename in page properties matches the name of the uploaded video and that the video file has been published. See the Video Content page for details.

IEC Hardware Problem

  • Press the power button to shut down the IEC. When the shutdown is complete, press the power button again to turn it on. Note any error messages that are displayed as it boots and contact Web Services.