Embedding Prezi presentations

Creating Prezi Content

  • Click the New button and select "New Prezi Sign"
  • Provide a directory name (this is only used within OU Campus, it will not be displayed)
  • Select the type of layout you want
    • Standard
    • Expanded
    • Full Screen Content
  • Select the type of ticker you want
    • None
    • Twitter Feed
    • Scrolling Text
  • If you selected Twitter Feed, enter the Twitter account name ("Handle")
  • Enter the Prezi ID (the Prezi ID is the string of characters in the URL of your Prezi: http://prezi.com/Prezi Id/name-of-prezi)
  • Click Create
  • Publish the index.pcf file
  • Preview the content (optional)
  • Send the content to the display