Previewing Sign Content

Since most of the content that is displayed on digital signage screens can not be previewed in a desktop browser, we have set up a display you can view remotely via Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Everyone has access to send content to this device, so you can make sure your content looks right before you send it to your own display.

Starting VNC

  1. Install  VNC client software
    One free option is VNC Viewer, available at
  2. Open VNC Viewer using the following settings
    VNC Server:
    Encryption: Prefer off
    VNC Viewer connect screenshot
    Click the Connect button
  3. Click the Continue button on the next screen
    vnc-unencrypted screenshot
  4. Enter the Password: 89EFC4 (upper-case is required)
    vnc authentication screenshot
    Click the OK button
  5. You should now have a window showing the screen

Previewing Content

  1. Log in to OU Campus
  2. Navigate to the page you want to check
  3. Open the page in "Preview"
  4. Open the Digital Signage Gadget
  5. Send the page to the device named "CL-5-TEST-1"
  6. Your VNC window should change to your page (this might take a few seconds)