Digital Signage Resources

Logging In

To log in to OU Campus for creating or editing content, use


Contact Web and Campus Applications directly for training at

Creating New Content Pages

There are several types of content page that can be displayed on a digital sign:

If you have a need that is not covered by one of these, please contact

Embedding Content

Scheduling Content

Previewing Content

If you want to check your content before sending it to your display, you can preview your content using VNC.

Updating content on a display

After creating and publishing your content, the final step is to send it to your display.

Can non-emergency information get promoted on digital signs?

Yes. Please follow the 3 step process listed below.

Step 1: Ground work  

    • Create your content using OU Campus
    • Determine duration. Example: promote upcoming events for 5 minutes, once each hour, 7 days a week. Run the promotion for the next two week starting now.

Step 2: Reach out for content and duration approval

Identify locations and contact appropriate content administrators for content and duration approval. List of deployed digital signs locations and content administrators.​ 

Step 3:​ ​Email​  ​​ ​following information

    • URL of the content for promotion 
    • IEC name or device location. Example: CL-1-LOBBY-1, Just Below Cafe
    • Duration. Example: 5 minutes, once each hour, 7 days a week
    • Start & End day & time.  Example: 11/11/15 8:00 am - 11/12/15 5:00 pm

What is digital signage?

Learn more about the digital signage project