Wireless Network Expansion

Bringing Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Connectivity to Campus

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi service is a must-have for SJSU students, faculty and staff. To keep up with the growing demand for wireless connectivity, IT Services has been busy reviewing, expanding, and upgrading the university's Wi-Fi network.

Since 2013, we have tripled the number of wireless access points to buildings and outdoor areas across campus, and upgraded the 'back-end' system of cables, switches and software needed to manage the growing volume of wireless traffic.

In the near future, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi will be nearly ubiquitous across campus, enabling users to roam freely across campus without losing service.

Key Project Goals

  • ITS will replace or implement over 2,000 new wireless access points by Summer 2014
  • SJSU will be able to handle 10x more wireless traffic than in 2013
  • The university's back-end infrastructure will be modernized to support the new generation of high-throughput, 5GHz Wi-Fi networks known as 802.11ac. This offers more than double the bandwidth of the current standard, 802.11n
  • The university will more effectively support multimedia applications over Wi-Fi, including SJSU Videoshare, the Canvas learning management system, and Lecture Capture, a rich media experience in the classroom

What's Next

  • New outdoor Wi-Fi is currently being tested (you can see the new outdoor Wi-Fi radios on the roof of the Computing Center Building).
  • IT Services is now using Cisco Prime software to test, tune, and continuously optimize SJSU's wireless network.
  • IT Services has implemented a continuous Wi-Fi review program to assess SJSU's evolving wireless needs and develop plans to meet the continued robust growth in mobile devices and Wi-Fi traffic.

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Project Status

April 2014 Tech Briefing

For an update on the campus wireless upgrade, see SJSU Mobility in Action [pdf].

March 2014 Tech Briefing

With the completion of all the upgrades in January we are now focusing on the following activities:

  • We are performing various activities around the optimization of the wireless network.
    • We are tuning the wireless access points to try an encourage clients to the 5Ghz band instead of the 2.4Ghz.
    • We are replacing select wireless access points with internal omnidirectional antennas to wireless access points with external directional in some situations.
    • Adjusting radio power as needed.
  • We are working with the Cisco Prime management software and performing data collection and analysis on the wireless network.
  • We are starting to test the outdoor Wi-Fi, the outdoor Wi-Fi radios can be seen on the roof of the Computing Center Building.
  • We started posting some statistics on the wireless network at: Wi-Fi Stats.

Network Upgrade Status

January 2014 Tech Briefing

  • Campus Housing:  We are happy to announce that all campus housing now has Wi-Fi service in the rooms and common areas.
    • Campus Village (CVA, CVB & CVC)
    • Joe West
    • Classics (Hoover, Royce & Washburn)
  • Main Campus:
    • Over the Winter break the following 12 buildings were upgraded to Cisco Wi-Fi:
      • CCB—Central Classroom Building
      • HGH—Hugh Gillis Hall
      • DBH—Dwight Bental Hall
      • SH—Sweeney Hall
      • BBC—Boccardo Business Complex
      • DH—Duncan Hall
      • MQH—MacQuerrie Hall
      • CL—Clark Hall
      • ENG—Engineering
      • HB—Health Building
      • IS—Industrial Studies
      • ART—Art Building
  • King Library: &nbspThere are currently 100 Access Point in the library. Upgrade to Cisco wifi is currently planned for Summer 2014.

November 2013 Tech Briefing

  • Campus Housing: &nbspWe are installing cabling and network switches in Campus Village for Wireless Access Points.
    • CVA is 95% complete.
    • CVB testing cabling work and mounting  access points.
    • CVC starting cabling work.
  • Main Campus:
    • In October the following buildings were upgraded to Cisco Wireless:
      • UPD/HR
      • SSC
      • Admin
      • AS House
    • The following buildings are scheduled to be upgraded in November:
      • IRC—Complete
      • DHM—Complete
      • Student Union East
      • WSQ
      • SCI
      • BBT
  • King Library:  Ongoing tuning of existing WAPs to optimize performance. We added 25 WAPs to the library in October.

October 2013 Tech Briefing

  • Campus Housing:  We are installing cabling and network switches in Campus Village for Wireless Access Points.
  • Main Campus:  We converted the Music building, Faculty Offices and Administration to Cisco Wireless. UPD and SSC are scheduled to be converted to Cisco Wireless in October. We are installing access points in the Student Union in preparation for opening. The cabling work for additional access points in buildings is 75% complete.
  • King Library:  Ongoing tuning to existing WAPs to optimize performance. We added 8 WAPs.
  • Off Campus:  Bunker Hill is complete.

August 2013 Tech Briefing

After behind-the-scenes installation of new network equipment in campus buildings, the project team is deploying Cisco Wireless Access Points to meet the rising demand generated by the increase in user wireless devices including smart phones, tablet computers and laptops. For more details, read the August 2013 Administration and Finance Division Newsletter.

March 2013 Tech Briefing

The goal of this project is to increase the coverage and capacity of the campus wireless network to make wireless wherever a reality. It involves the conversion of the current wireless network to Cisco technology and installing nearly 4 times the number of wireless access points (WAP) that are currently deployed. A WAP is the receiver that communicates with the wireless transmitters in mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones to provide network connectivity to campus and internet resources.

The first step in the process was to complete wireless coverage assessments in 42 campus buildings on the main campus, south campus and remote locations such as Moss Landing Marine Labs, 210 4th Street, and Reed Hillview Aviation. Engineering teams performed wireless radio measurements in each room of each building and used the results to determine the optimal location for wireless access points to be placed. The assessment process provided the design for the new wireless network and we have been installing network cabling to the new WAP locations. Work on this phase of the process will continue through Spring.

The next step, which is in the testing phase, is to enable the Cisco core wireless network technology to communicate to the WAPS and authenticate users for controlled access. Once this is completed, we can begin the conversion to the new wireless network which is scheduled for later this Spring. Because the conversion will involve outages, the work will be scheduled during off-hours, on a building-by building basis in coordination with building occupants.

For more details, read the March 2013 Administration and Finance Division Newsletter.

October 2012 Tech Briefing

IT Services is expanding wireless network coverage in our campus buildings. Based on designs for the optimal number and placement of wireless access points, we will be replacing and installing new devices in various offices, hallways, classrooms and labs across campus.

The new Cisco Wireless Access Points will be connecting to our next generation SJSU network with enhanced performance, security and monitoring capabilities. A mixture of staff from the Network Services team and our vendor partner Nexus IS, are performing this work and building coordinators will be notified of the schedule.

You will continue to have access to our SJSU wireless networks, SJSU_Premier and SJSU_campus. When connecting to SJSU_Premier, you may be prompted to accept a security certificate from the wireless control system and should do so. Instructions on wireless access are available at Wireless Network.

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