Next Generation Learning Spaces

Next Generation Project Description

Enhancing campus classrooms with state-of-the-art audio, visual and lecture capture technology to enhance the collaboration and communication with students and instructors/speakers—both onsite and remote locations. Recorded sessions will be available for review shortly after the end of class.

Next Generation Classrooms

  • Clark Hall 118
  • Clark Hall 238
  • Sweeney Hall 435
  • MacQuarrie Hall 526
  • Dwight Bentel Hall 225
  • Morris Dailey 101
  • Instructional Resource Center 308
  • Engineering 4th Floor (Mobile room unit)
  • Health Building 401 (Mobile room unit)
  • MacQuarrie Hall 438a (Mobile room unit)
  • Washington Square Hall 211a (Mobile room unit)
  • Yoshihiro Uchida Hall B124 (In Progress)
  • Sweeney Hall Mediascape Room (Planned)
  • Boccardo Business Complex 302 (In Progress)

Next Generation Meeting Rooms

Do you have a need to collaborate with colleagues across the globe, from across the country, or even just across campus? TelePresence may be a good option if you need a convenient and inexpensive way to communicate and collaborate face-to-face that does not require travel time.

There are 14 Next Generation Meeting Rooms and mobile units that have TelePresence and Recording capability across the SJSU campus that are available for meetings, distance learning, as well as research and education projects. These rooms are available for reservation by SJSU faculty and staff.

To request use of a room or a mobile unit to use in another room, please send email to: or call (408) 924-1530. 

  • MLK Library, IT Manager Office
  • MLK Library, Conference Room
  • Conference Room Clark Hall 336
  • Conference Room Clark Hall 540
  • Human Resources Conference Room
  • VP Student Affairs Conference Room
  • Office of Collaboration Technologies
  • Office of Network Services
  • Office of the CIO
  • Mobile Units available for short term use in meetings on campus (3)
  • Office of the Provost
  • Office of the President